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Fun Indoor Party Games

If you are planning to throw a party for your child’s birthday, your marriage anniversary, or for any other occasion, indoor party games are a great way of enlivening the party atmosphere.

They are especially ideal during the hot summer, chilling winter or boring rainy days, when it is not possible to entertain your guests with outdoor games. Games, whether indoor or outdoor are an indispensable part of parties along with food and decoration.

Indoor party games help guests open up to each other and the best part is that they can be enjoyed in all seasons. So, let’s take a look at some fun indoor games that can help brighten up your party.

Indoor Party Game Ideas
There is a huge list of indoor games which can make your party the most memorable one. Following are some of these games, which can be enjoyed by all. Have a look!
Musical chairs is a very popular party game that can be enjoyed by children, as well as adults. To play this game, you need to arrange chairs in a circle or row, but be sure to keep one chair less than the number of guests or participants. The rule of the game is for everyone to walk around the length of the chairs, while music is being played. When the music stops, each one has to occupy one of the chairs and whosoever fails to occupy a chair, is out of the game. Each time a person goes out of the game, one chair should be removed and in this way the game is repeated, until only two players are left. Now, the one who succeeds in occupying the single chair is the winner of the game.
Another popular game is to prepare cards, with different activities, like dancing, singing, acting, mimicry, etc., written on them. These cards can be put in a container or arranged on a table. Then, guests can be asked to pick a card, one by one, and do the activity mentioned on the card.
Quizzing can be an interesting indoor game for people of all age groups. Make two teams of all the guests, and pose questions to each team. Allow each team 30 seconds or a minute for answering each question, so that members of a team can consult among themselves to find the right answer. The team that is able to give maximum correct answers would be the winner of the game.
This is a simple, funny, and delicious game. Take a long horizontal string and tie few vertical strings on it, keeping considerable distance between each string. Now, tie the other end of the vertical string to a donut and tell your guests or children to stand in front of each donut. Then ask them to start eating the donuts on your call, but without using their hands. See who is the first person to finish the donut, without dropping even a single piece.
A guessing game can be really amusing for your guests. To play this game, first divide the guests into two groups. Now, the first group is supposed to send one member of their team to the other group, which gives him or her a movie name. The person has to explain the name of the movie by facial expressions and body movements, without uttering a single word. The other members of the team have to guess the movie name by observing these movements.
Thumb wrestling is a simple, but amusing game. To play this game, the players should place their thumbs mid-air. The thumbs should be kept facing one another, while both the players should use their right-hand fingertips to grab the right-hand fingertip of the opponent. Now, each player tries to catch the thumb of the other, and then pin it down for a set count, usually a count of 5, in order to win the game.
You don’t need to be an expert at hula hooping to enjoy this game. People of almost all age groups can enjoy twirling the hoop around their waist. Just make sure that you have enough space for everyone to participate in this game. The person who can spin the hoop for the longest time is the winner, while those who drop it, are out of the game.
A Few Other Games
Apart from the games mentioned above, you can also incorporate the classic party games, like Pass the Parcel, Treasure Hunt, and Balloon Stomp.

Treasure Hunt is especially ideal for children, as they will simply love hunting out treasures, like chocolates and toys. You can also include Blow the Ball game and to make it more exciting, you can blindfold the participants, and ask them to turn around, then take a few steps forward and again turn around, before blowing the ball placed on a table. When you ask the blindfolded person to turn around, he loses the direction, and they might be blowing somewhere else, whereas the ball is placed at another place.

Another interesting game is Dancing with a Ball or a Balloon. This game is played by pairs, with a ball or balloon placed between their foreheads and then dancing without dropping it. If the ball drops, then that particular couple or pair is out of the game.

‘Guess What’ is the game for people who love music, where you can play the music of some famous songs for a few seconds, and let your guests guess the names of these songs. Also encourage them to sing a few lines of the song, which would make it more enjoyable.

By selecting a combination of fun indoor games, you can make each moment of your party enjoyable and exhilarating. Encourage everyone to participate in the games by arousing their interest, but don’t force anyone. If the party is for children, then give something as a gift to each of them. This would make them happy and would prompt them to participate in the games. To sum up, make your party as enjoyable as possible, with creative and funny indoor games.

How to Play the Mario Party Drinking Game

Mario party drinking game rules
Got a booze party? This is a game that’s gonna’ be a real entertainer. You would surely be aware about Mario Party, but in case you aren’t; it’s a multiplayer, party video game in the Mario series wherein players assume roles of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Daisy, Toad, Wario and Waluigi. The game features two modes; the party game mode, and the mini games mode. The former is ideal for multiple players and is set in a typical board game style where players use die blocks, and move their respective players accordingly.

But, how can this turn to a drinking game? Let’s see how. To play this game, you’ll require a couple of friends, a crate of beer, a Nintendo Wii console with four remotes and nunchuks (can be also played with Nintendo’s N64 or GameCube for older versions), and lastly a copy of Mario Party 8 or further.

Quickly refer to the Mario Party drinking game rules and begin playing.

How to Play the Mario Party Drinking Game

Each player sits with a can of beer and their respective remotes. The players who end up meeting any of the conditions given below drink. Here goes!

(Note: A sip is nothing less than a mouthful.)

◉ On each turn, the player who rolls the lowest takes a sip.

◉ If a player earns a star, the other players take a sip.

◉ If a player wins a minigame, he/she can ask any player to take 2 sips.

◉ In a 2 on 2 minigame, the losing team takes 2 sips each.

◉ In a 1 on 3 minigame, if 3 lose, each takes a sip. If 1 loses, he/she takes 3 sips.

◉ In a battle, the player at 4th place takes 3 sips, the one at 3rd place takes 2, and the player who comes 2nd takes 1 sip.

◉ If a player lands on the Bowser space, he/she has to take 2 sips of beer.

◉ If a player lands on the Donkey Kong space, he/she can ask any player to take 3 sips.

◉ If a player lands on a spot already occupied by another player, all players on that spot take two sips.

◉ Each time a player passes start, he/she takes a sip.

◉ If a player gets a bonus mushroom, he/she chooses a player to take a sip.

◉ If a player gets a poisoned mushroom, he/she takes a sip.

◉ The winner of the game is the player to collect the maximum number of stars. Once a player is declared the winner, all the remaining players gulp all of their remaining beer.

The above rules are completely flexible. In case you feel you need to change a rule or devise a new one, go ahead and do so. However, just make sure that the game is fun and entertaining.