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Outdoor Team Building Games

Outdoor games can be a great way to refresh stressed out minds and bodies. The games not only help to instill team spirit, they also motivate individuals. It is a great way to appraise an individual’s ability of making split second decisions, management and leadership skills. I will try to list some outdoor games, which are really fantastic for team building.
Outdoor Activities for Adults
Outdoor games are always fun for kids. Even adults love to join in outdoor activities and have pure fun. Team building activities help build relationship between co-workers, who generally interact only during work-related activities. It helps people learn more about the people they work with. This makes the general atmosphere in the office healthy and open. Some of the outdoor games that can be played by adults are as follows:
– Amoeba Race
This is a fun-filled race which requires close physical contact, group co-operation and competition. The group forms a biological cell, that is, cell wall, protoplasm and nucleus. A person who has good eyesight can be made the nucleus. He is supposed to sit on someone’s shoulders as a look out. Others can stand together surrounding the nucleus. These people become the protoplasm. Some team members should surround the protoplasm and face outwards. Their elbows should be linked together forming the cell wall. Try to build a block or maze and ask the amoeba group to travel along the given track. The group should then split into two amoebas and the new group should have its own nucleus. Have an amoeba race to spice things up.
Zoom and Re-zoom
This activity helps build communication and problem solving skills in the team. A problem is given to the team. A story is made up, which contains the solution. The team is handed out pictures in a sequence, linked to the story. Each team member tries to explain his picture and find a link among the group. This requires patience and good communication skills. The story is linked and a solution to the given problem is found out.
Helium Stick
This activity is a good team building exercise. Bring a long, lightweight helium stick. Helium weighs lighter than air, thus, can float in the air. Ask the team members to stand in a straight line. Place the helium stick on their extended index fingers. Make sure they do not hold or pinch the stick between their fingers. The task is to lower the stick to the ground. The stick floats up rather than moving down. The group needs to be patient, work in tandem and try to bring the stick down (which is easier said than done!). The trick is, there is no helium gas-filled in the stick. The collective pressure that is exerted by the fingers is more than the weight of the stick. This causes it to float up mysteriously.
-Limited Senses Game
This is a rather difficult game but one which will be lots of fun. The obstacles should be removed from the area, where the game is supposed to be played. Hand over each participant one number, which they are to keep secret. Try and jump the series, for example, 1,2,4,5,3,6,7,10,8,9 and so on. Blindfold the participants and ask them to find the numbers before and after them without seeing or talking to each other. They can clap, stomp or do anything to find the missing link. It is great to see many people come up with innovative ways to express themselves.
– Welded Ankles Game
This activity leads to communication, leadership skills and teamwork. Mark a straight line with bright paint or use a bright-colored rope. The game is that the team has to walk from start to finish, maintaining contact of the ankles. If anyone from the group loses contact, the game has to be re-started.
– Relay Bicycle Race
You can even try different sports activities to build team spirit as well as individual strengths. These activities include a game of archery where one measures the level of concentration and strength, relay races on a bicycle or small motorbike. Plain old musical chairs is also a fun game to play outdoors. Charade ideas can also be tried to build team spirit within the group.
There are many conventional sports like basketball, baseball or even beach volleyball which help develop team spirit.
You can try many other activities like treasure hunt or rafting. Outdoor team building games are stimulating and help members know each other better. Leadership skills, problem solving attitude and many more hidden attributes are discovered through outdoor games. These games not only help in developing a team, but it is also a great break from the daily mundane tasks.

7 Building Block Games like Minecraft

Well, that wouldn’t sound surprising to anyone who has tried his hands on this open sandbox game. The building aspects of Minecraft allow the players to create a 3D world of their own, using their creativity on textured cubes. Constant updates and upgrades, and a lot of modding has got Minecraft on the top in the block building game world. Internet (YouTube, Facebook, Reddit) has also helped this game become widely popular.

It is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Java platform, Java applet, iPad 2+, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Raspberry Pi. The best thing about Minecraft is that it gives the player all the freedom to choose how to play, ’cause it doesn’t have a specific set of goals to be achieved like other video games.

We give you games like Minecraft, which will let your creativity shine out, and keep you involved in its play.

Building Block Games like Minecraft


Ace of Spades, just like Minecraft, offers various game modes to keep the player engaged in interesting things. It is basically a first-person-shooter game, but it has added functions to create your own surroundings and benefit yourself. For instance, you can build a castle to save your team, or dig an underground attack to your enemy, with just a little creativity. This free-to-play game proves to be an incredibly fun alternative to Minecraft.

╙ Available for: Windows XP with SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7


Blockland!, a single player and a multiplayer computer game, projects lego-like building blocks, letting the users to create their own little world. Create your own block-like characters, and make them work according to you. The Physics feature that’s available lets you destroy your creation as and when needed, which is actually more fun. The inclusion of mini tasks and mini games doesn’t let the player lose interest in the game. Its virtual world has bricks that seem like toy blocks styled as a mini-version of Minecraft.

╙ Available for: Mac OS X, Windows XP or higher, Steam


Cubelands feels a lot like Minecraft. This 3D online multiplayer building game lands you into a small world, wherein a couple of structures are preloaded for you to get an idea. It also offers a feature of being able to save the screenshots of their creation, and invite your friends on the desired server. The gameplay being the same, however, the options are limited, as compared to Minecraft. But this game totally comes for free, we can overlook a couple of limitations (wink!).

╙ Available for: Mac OS X, Windows, Android


Manic Digger is a clone to Minecraft with a greater flexibility―free, open-source, and simpler to play. Its vast world lets you design any imaginable thing in this world. Don’t worry as they don’t have zombies here to scare you, but they sure have introduced nighttime in the updated version of the game. Minecraft addicts are of the opinion that Manic Digger needs a bit of polishing for it to be addressed as a clone.

╙ Available for: Mac OS X, Windows, Linux


ROBLOX (ROBO + BLOCKS) is a massive multiplayer online game where imagination is the limit. You can create something of your own, or stick to the pre-made maps by other users. Since everything in this sandbox game is being developed and created by players, it gives a lot of plots and game types to play. The free subscription is enough to get you a Minecraft-like experience.

╙ Available for: Mac OS X, Windows, Android, iPad 2+, iPhone 4+, iPod touch 5th generation


You can call Terraria as the 2D scroller of Minecraft. Terraria would be loved by those who adore exploring deeper depths in a strange world. It is an action-adventure sandbox game that involves exploring, crafting, and constructing. Though this game has less of block building and more of material collection, it will be thoroughly enjoyed by Minecraft lovers.

╙ Available for: Mac OS X, Windows, Android, Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Network, PlayStation Vita, Kindle Fire


The only prominent thing that distinguishes FortressCraft from Minecraft is that it is available only on Xbox 360. Though it utilizes voxels to model scenarios, it still gives the reminiscence of Minecraft’s block-like appeal. It focuses more on building and socializing. Well, it isn’t pricey, but deciding to purchase it with your friends would be a better option.

╙ Available for: Xbox 360

This was our list of close alternatives to Minecraft. You could also try playing Block Story, Mine Test, and Garry’s Mod. Do tell us the games that you’re addicted to.